I'm a 59 year old man from Sweden. I'm married to Anna-Lena and we have two grown kids, who have both flown the nest. When I was young I did athletics, mostly I ran 200-400 meters. At 19 I started coaching and at 27 I became a professional coach. This is still my job, even though during the 2010s I did mostly admin duties at the school for 16-19 year old athletes where I work. Now I'm back at coaching again!
I've been into photography for over 40 years by now. In the beginning, I shot everything, with my friends and athletes as the most common subjects. But when I look at my old negatives, I realize I shot something similar to street photography right from the start.
I've always liked to travel and always taken a lot of photos when I did. Since 2010 I've traveled extensively and combined my longing to discover the world with a growing passion for street photography.
2022 interview with me by Mats Alfredsson at SPART.
Buy prints of some of my photos at SPART!
My 'gang' of fellow street photographers are at:
My personal page there is HERE
When I'm on my travels i sometimes blog here
(also other people in the gang can blog there)
My old photo blog written between 2013-18. Beware, it's in Swedish and 776 episodes...
Here's an interview with me from 2014...
...and here's another one from 2017.

With my fellow Progressives on Eyeshot.
My first street photography book "A Beijing Tale" is out on Progressive Publishing House!
Swedish buyers can order it here: https://www.bokborsen.se/view/Niklas-Lindskog/A-Beijing-Tale/12472831

August 2023: My photo "Concrete Girl" won third prize at the Stockholm SP festival called Snickeriet Streets!

Septemebr 2021: My collection "We are All Animals" won the Gothenburg Street Photography Festival!
I received a Fujifilm X100V as the prize! Many thanks to Fujifilm, the judge Roger Turesson and of course the organizers of the festival - Mats, Claes, Jari, Eva and Anna!
My photo "In Tate Modern" was a finalist in the 2021 London Street Photography Festival!
In January 2021 I was in the issue 89 of The Inspired Eye magazine!
There's an interview with me and 14 of my photos. Also six other great photographers!
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